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the love of God revealed in

Jesus Christ.

Growing in our expression

of love towards

God, self, neighbour and the whole of creation with the help of the Holy Spirit.

That's what we're all about.


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Visit Us! - 10:30 AM every Sunday at our building on Christchurch Road. You can park on any of the surrounding streets on a Sunday without restriction. 

Worthing Baptist Church
Christchurch Road
West Sussex
BN11 5EY

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You're  Welcome

Worthing Baptist Church is committed to the love and inclusion of all people, affirming diversity in sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, age, physical ability, learning disability, neurodiversity, and mental health. On 8th November 2021, we were delighted to agree as a church on registering our building for same-sex marriage.


A journey towards inclusion and affirmation 

Mike (senior minister) was recently invited to write about his 'journey towards inclusion and affirmation' for the Baptist Times. You can read the article here:

The Baptist Union of Great Britain : A journey towards inclusion and affirmation (baptisttimes.co.uk)

Peter (assistant minister) has recently written on the question: 'Would I minister at a same-sex wedding?' You can find this piece below:




In October 2018, Mike and Peter preached a series of sermons on same-sex relationships, the Bible, and the Church. You can find these messages here.

I want to...



'I have felt I've found my home. I feel safe here. It's my happy place.' - Leigh



We like to keep it simple and not overcomplicate church. We take our cue from Jesus who kept the main things, the main things (e.g. love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness).



We are a diverse church. We love this, and we celebrate that we're all made in God's image! Anyone is welcome to join us, whoever they are. We are comfortable with differences of opinion and we don't fall out over 'disputable matters'.


We want to be real in our relationships with each other, with visitors, with people in our daily lives...and with God. We want to be honest about who we are, rather than pretending to be something we are not. This means being open with each other about challenges in life, doubts and uncertainties.


We are risk-takers who don't let the fear of failure keep us static. We see our journey together as an adventure. We want to go wherever we discern God to be leading us, knowing that this requires stepping out in faith continually.


We love to have fun together. From the gospels, we see that  Jesus was someone people wanted to spend time with and have fun with! We really value a sense of humour and try not to take ourselves too seriously.


We respect the fact every church is different and that there is no one way of being church. In many ways, we feel that God is uniquely shaping us. We're different in our simplicity, lack of busyness, down to earth style and in various other ways. You could say that we aren't very 'churchy'.